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Why Social Media Is Important?

Feb 5, 2022 | Uncategorized


Today’s marketing has changed and evolved, especially since the dawn of the internet. During the past decades, people used paper flyers, posters, and even employed good old word of mouth to spread news about a business opening, or a product launch.

The reliance of organisations today on the internet to help promote their businesses have contributed to these revolutionary changes in modern marketing. With the help of technology, it has transformed not only the way we communicate, but it has also changed the way we access, share, and disseminate information, this includes how we market products and services.

Why is social media important for business owners?Today, the availability of information about a product or service is almost endless online. With the influence of technology, modern marketing has completely changed the way marketers’ brand and market organisations, services, and products. Digital marketing is on a perpetual evolution and is in a continuous process of opening opportunities every day.

Enter online advertising, e-invites, and yes, social media.

What is Social Media

In simple terms, social media is today’s version of yesteryear’s bulletin boards where information, thoughts, and ideas are shared. The only difference today is that these details now goes through virtual networks and communities.

Even social media has evolved as one of the most influential and important platforms not only for social networking, but it has become a great way of digitally advertising brands, services, and products.

Its reach and power are unparalleled, as you can get to reach a huge amount of people within seconds of posting anything, such as an ad. The beauty is, it helps you reduce normal and traditional advertising costs, and yet making your ads reach your potential audience through these social media advertisements.

With the increase of worldwide online users, which is now pegged at 62% as of October 2021, marketers cannot miss out on this opportunity. If that’s not incentive enough, ponder that 55% of consumers, coming from all age groups, find and learn about new brands and companies on social media.

Additionally, marketing through these digital social platforms as compared to doing so in traditional print, radio, or television media is a much more effective and cost-effective prospect.

How Can Social Media Increase Brand Awareness?

The value of advertising through radio, television, and print media are waning. Therefore, looking for a worthy investment to redirect ad dollars to with a potentially huge ROI, you should start to consider going social.

Traditional outlets for marketing and advertising only have a one-way approach. Brands employing this approach rely on their monologue to win consumers over. With social media, it empowers dialogue and gives your consumers a unique opportunity and outlet to engage with you and your brand.

Consequently, this offers a huge opportunity for customers to interact and a primary goal for marketers to influence a customer’s decision to purchase from a particular brand. Nurturing this two-way communication makes for the brand the capacity to serve their customers’ needs. It also up their personalisation and to humanise their content that endears and forges a deeper relationship with their customers.

Sadly, not all businesses are still sold on the idea of the benefits of social media marketing. This is further enhanced by the fact that about 40% of small businesses don’t use social media at all. What’s even more puzzling is the fact that there is an additional 16% that are unlikely to use social media for their business.

Remember word of mouth? Social media also has that effect but on a much larger scale. Spreading the word about your products through social media marketing is an easy way to grow your brand awareness.

Additionally, by linking your socials to your website, it can potentially increase your amount of traffic tremendously. Ask yourself, what is the reason you invest in marketing? That’s right, it is to promote your product and services, right? Social media is the perfect outlet where you can do that as well.

How Can Business Owners Implement Marketing Strategies Through Social Media?

In today’s business world, social media is an essential part of any company’s digital marketing strategy. Despite this, there are brands of all kinds and sizes that are not fully exploiting this tool to its full potential.

Though it’s flattering to have a huge following, garnering a lot of likes, and having your content shared, you should not forget that the credibility of your brand is distinguished by far so much more than this.

A unique set of skills for social media is needed to fully understand the needs of an audience. You can do so by:

Creating an efficient content marketing strategy

Content marketing has been a dominant strategy for a long time. But remember that quality is key, and content is no exception.

Start using chatbots

Chatbots are in. This digital tool can communicate and help resolve problems without the need for any human interruption.

Creating a personalised experience for your customers

Do not just focus on linking your ads to your landing pages. Create ads that direct your audience to your chatbot in a messenger window.

Creating a community for your audience

Yes, having followers is great, but you need to show your audience that you’re not just a robot. Integrate personality into your posts and help your audience relate with your brand.

Up your profiles with a diverse content strategy

People respond well to imagery, videos, photos, a podcast occasionally. Jazz up your social media profiles by using these types of media regularly.

Using brand advocates

You can promote your brand most effectively with people who love your brand. Instead of just focusing all your efforts on looking for new customers, why not shift some of that focus on the ones you already have.

Creating profiles on relevant channels

Reaching as many people as possible by creating profiles on every social media channel available will not reach your chosen target market. The key is for you to look at your buyer personas when deciding your social media channels.

Establishing a social media budget

Allocating sufficient budget for your social media endeavours is key to your online success. Reaching your target audience at the lowest cost will require leveraging that budget and the right strategy.

Running cross channel campaigns

Engage your audience further by running cross-channel campaigns across all your social media channels. You can give yourself an edge to help you stand out from the crowd.

Go live and tell a story

Your brand story is great, but why not consider sharing what’s happening to your company with your audience in real time? Instagram and Facebook now have live-streaming features that are not yet being exploited by the big brands. Why not be among the first before they catch on?

How Can Social Media Increase Sales for Your Business?

To survive and thrive in a very competitive market, you need to be in touch with new trends that affects your industry. It is important to note that around 92% of digital marketers employ social media as part of their marketing efforts and strategies.

Further, 78% of digital marketers and salespeople engaged in social media are out selling others who aren’t.

As we mentioned above, traditional marketing outlets and strategies are on the wane. Businesses all over the world, including Australia, are now looking into social media platforms to engage and connect positively with their customers.

Recognising the importance of how social media has effectively changed how we communicate, collaborate, and connect. Social media can effectively:

  • Enhance your brand visibility.
  • It can help establish your expertise by way of publishing and sharing original content.
  • Social media helps you build and enhance your professional and personal networks.
  • You get to enhance your relationship with people by answering their questions.
  • You get to build and grow your relationships not just with customers, but influencers as well.
  • Furthermore, you can share your curated content, adding value to your customers.
  • Not only that, but you get to proactively engage your community of followers, advocates, and supporters in real-time.
  • All the above can ultimately generate new leads for your business and boost sales.

If this too much to take in for you, or you have no clue where to begin, we at The Growth Manager can point you in the right direction. Get in touch with us today.

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