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Creating a Business Community

Feb 17, 2022 | Uncategorized


The existence of multiple social media platforms and outlets and the ever-increasing online marketplace, consumers now have unprecedented access to information about businesses or companies. This allows consumers to make informed decisions on who to do business with.

Businesses and communities are interdependent, as their expectations and successes are intertwined. The involvement of a community for businesses is that it serves as an invaluable platform to promote products and services. Creating a business community is an effective and easy endeavour to increase brand awareness and establish meaningful connections, whether they be within your industry and your neighbourhood.

The value that communities bring for businesses is that in the absence of communities, businesses would not prosper. The support-system we get from a business community is something we are passionate about, may they be online or physical meetups, helps businesses grow.

This also reassures businesses that they are not alone in their struggles, thus growing their confidence. With a large community, marketing becomes easier as the community members will be the ones who will spread the word out there.

The creation of deeper ties with customers also helps in building stronger consumer bases that gives you a leg up over larger but impersonal competitors. Keep in mind that customers favour doing business with people they know and trust.

Taking the community in as part of your identity distinguishes yourself from other businesses. Becoming a familiar fixture in a community, establishes your business as the more trustworthy option.

Creating a Business CommunityBuilding a Business Community Through Email Marketing

Ongoing engagement is a critical ingredient in garnering success of an online community. Without active member participation and dialogue, communities fail in meeting expectations of stakeholders and organisational leaders.

Increased and active engagement helps in building healthy and successful communities and achieve high user satisfaction and customer retention. However, it can be quite a challenge to increase online community engagement.

Email is an effective avenue to keep your community, build quality user participation and keep your company on top of mind. Keeping people engaged and happy is a big part of your success.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email is still an effective way to communicate, despite the existence of many other outlets. This holds an even bigger impact when businesses already have an existing relationship with their recipients. However, do note that an email does not constitute a relationship, email only supports and enhances it.

Pre-pandemic, and hopefully soon to be post-pandemic, a great newsletter helps customers in their social life. It helps forge relationship with a repeat by providing them with things to do socially. A great newsletter can also be an effective way to attract your customers with entertaining and shareable content.

The content you send via email to your customers need to be precise and relevant or else it will just fall by the wayside. Consider your newsletter as an online friend who reminds you of important dates that are coming up.

Though emails can be an excellent marketing and retention tool, it can become a nuisance to your customers if it is not used properly. You must practice restraint so as not to over-communicate, which could lead to unsubscribes. If there is a need for you to share more frequently, consider employing your social media as your communication channels as opposed to over-frequently sending newsletters.

Email Templates Increase Client Satisfaction, Communication, and Loyalty

Along with customer expectations, the only thing that rises along with it is their impatience. It is not uncommon that customers who reach out to businesses demand a quick response. It is fortunate that customer service response templates can lower wait times between receiving and responding to emails.

With customer service email templates, your team will not have to waste time typing the same email content over and over, and they would be able to respond to more customers in a short span of time.

With email, we found that among the best ways to engage with them is through understanding their interests by delivering a message that resonates with them. This is an important point to understand as we grow your community.

Once you have identified your audience’s interests, you’d want them to act. You may point them towards your latest blog post or perhaps downloading a new eBook or any helpful content that generates customer satisfaction.

Emails also creates a line of communication and constant dialogue that builds meaningful user experiences. Employing email enables businesses to tailor-fit their messaging to the specific interests of their audience. This results in a higher quality engagement and keeps communities top of mind and motivates members to regularly participate in the discussions.

While it may begin with a good product or service, there is more to building a community than that. Businesses may not always be sure of how to begin building this sense of loyalty and shared community with their current and potential audience, but we are here to support that community.

Building a community begins with building a brand worth standing up for. A brand that knows and understands why it exists, not just what it makes, and appreciates its customers beyond how much they are willing to spend. When done right, it will be reciprocated readily by the brand’s growing community.

Creating community engagement isn’t always that simple, but email can help businesses and organisations overcome this challenge. And in that avenue, we at The Growth Manager can be of service to you by offering our tested email templates and more, to help you achieve your business goals and build the business of your dreams. Join our community, and you’ll be putting your business in the best position possible in achieving your business’s development goals.

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