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Sales Models for the Win

May 5, 2022 | Uncategorized


There are several steps for sales success. One of these steps is the creation and following comprehensive guidelines. Regardless of industry, employees, and personnel need to understand and follow a set of principles that define how they should perform their specific roles.

For a team to be successful, they need to comprehend how to work in sync to win customers and close deals. Add to this, they should also know how to perform in various possible scenarios that may occur sporadically during daily business.

The establishment of a guiding plan is not all that simple. The need arises for it to be aligned with your mission, goals, target, and needs.

While many businesses use a hybrid approach in drawing from a variety of selling tactics and methodologies, there is usually a primary element of how they sell that’s more prominent than the rest.

What is a Sales Model and Why You Need One?

Sales models are general frameworks that defines an organisation’s high-level approach to selling. Your sales model determines how you are going to generate leads for your business, while your sales process puts that approach into action.

There is no cookie cutter mould, one model fits all, or right sales model. Each organisation will have a unique approach depending on their service, product, industry, and revenue model. The common models include inbound sales, outbound sales, account-based selling, or a combination of these multiple models to support various buyer segments – so don’t be fearful to mix and match.

Regardless of model or approach a business choose to employ, it is crucial to have a working knowledge of how your company’s sales model influences the activities and goals in your sales process.

In the old days, a sales team were a group of lone wolves, or individuals working alone and are competing against each other in making a sale. The business environment has changed and evolved since then, thankfully.

The question now is, how essential is collaboration to the way your team sells? Do your salespeople come together only when dealing with important, problematic, or difficult deals? O have you made it so that collaboration is fully baked or ingrained into your sales process?

It is also possible that your sales model will change over time as your business or organisation’s offerings evolve. Thus, continuous evaluation of your sales model’s performance would be beneficial.

A sales model assists revenue leaders understand how and where they need to invest in growing their business.

Sales Models for the WinThe Importance of Sharing Knowledge

Now that the environment on how sales are made in modern business, gone are the days when the strategies used by a lone salesperson/representative is kept under wraps. The value in today’s sales team is sharing knowledge and collaborating in turning leads into sales.

Having a star sales representative is valuable for any organisation but think if you have an entire team who employs the same strategies as that one star you have in your group. It may be difficult to learn, but it is not impossible to attain or achieve, especially if you have someone that can have your team undergo a Sales Mastery Mentoring Program.

With hundreds of moving parts, the responsibilities of a sales manager are continually expanding. The key aspect, at the end of the day, managers are responsible for is to set strategies for their sales team, and to enable said team to perform at its peak.

In addition, organisations that ask their top performers to actively share their knowledge, close more deals. With enough and proper coaching, some organisations have been able to increase their win rates by as much as 54%.

Therefore, The Growth Manager is generous with sharing our sales mentoring knowledge because we value community above all else. That is the reason we created our Sales Mastery Mentoring Program that can assist any business entity in building or rebuilding their thriving business and encourage more sales.

Free Resources are Great for Lead Generation

Let’s first define what is a lead. A lead is any person indicates an interest in a company’s service or product. They usually hear from the business or organisation after opening communications by providing information for an offer, trial, or subscription.

Lead generation is incredibly important for businesses and for their marketers if they want to grow. The increase in leads also means the increase in brand awareness and the public’s interest in your products and services. When done right, lead generation strategies create strong relationships with qualified prospects who will invest in your business for a long time.

Free resources and/or products attracts potential and qualified prospects who are not yet ready to commit to a sale. By offering something free that is of high value, you can convert them into paying customers later.

Let’s face it, without a reliable source of fresh leads for your product or service, your business is dead in the water without constant and consistent customer growth. Marketing and sales teams spend an absurd amount of time and resources on lead generation. Part of this process include in-depth blog content, launching ad campaigns, prospecting on social media, producing engaging and shareable videos, to cite just a few.

Whatever you try, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that to generate qualified leads, you need to offer up quality content. Provide your audience with something that will educate, entertain, inform, or inspire. Do this, and soon you’ll be overwhelmed with leads.

Build Your Own Online Community

Having your own social network community can bring in business leads, as it allows you to cement yourself as a thought leader in your industry. To us at The Growth Manager, we value everything community from your industry, your neighbourhood, and your knowledge base.

We firmly believe that we cannot survive without a thriving community. With this belief, business owners can be more successful and continue their growth together along with the community.

If you are ready to take your lead generation to new heights, we offer our 6-session Sales Mastery Mentoring Program. Our program will not only assist you in developing your sales strategy, but also guide you through your customer’s sales journey and streamline your follow-up processes with full confidence and the ability to close that sale, today.

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