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Creating Your Marketing Message to Success

Apr 21, 2022 | Uncategorized


It may seem like a simple task to create a marketing message, but the truth is, creating a marketing message is a big deal. A lot of things must be considered when developing a strong marketing message.

The process of creating a marketing message is both valuable and builds a foundation to brand development because it can:

  1. Make you think, in depth, about target audience through vigorous research.
  2. Remind you to sincerely connect with your customers and the problems they are facing, and to empathise with their pain.
  3. Ensure true brand differentiation through collaborative efforts.

With this deep understanding, it will ensure that you truly know how your product or service can best meet your customers’ needs. Your messaging needs to be mega-focused on your customers and their needs for it to be effective.

Creating Your Marketing Message to SuccessWhat is a Marketing Message?

In simple definition, a marketing message is a statement, or series of statements, that marketing use to inform potential customers about a product or service and enticing them why they need it. A marketing message is employed by marketing professionals to generate leads, gain new customers, and meet business goals.

One thing to keep in mind in creating your marketing message is, that at the core of your marketing strategy, is a message that expresses the essence of why a customer buy.

A strong marketing message are words that you use to communicate with your audience in convincing them to do business with you.

What is Involved in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing are the actions or activities you make to reach out to potential customers in whatever device they have, may they be desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or their smartphones.

It encompasses a wide variety of marketing tactics, including the use of technologies to reach consumers online. Due to its nature as a form of online marketing, it allows businesses and organisations to establish and solidify a brand identity. By this, it has revolutionised the entire marketing industry.

The past decade brought digital marketing to new heights and made it as a vital component in an organisation’s overall business strategy. Not only has it allowed companies to tailor fit their messaging to reach a specific audience, but it also made it possible to market to people who are interested in their product or service, directly.

There are many aspects involved in Digital Marketing. These activities may fall into any of the top six types:

1.   Content Marketing

Almost all forms of digital marketing involve content marketing. It is essential in the sense that anything above straight-up advertising can be considered a form of it.

The idea behind content marketing is to entice customers to discover your brand, services, or products by providing them with entertaining yet useful stuff. The idea is to not just hit them with direct traditional advertising. By presenting them with great content, it attracts an audience of prospective customers and lead them towards a sale or any other activity that may bring in more profits.

As a business owner, this is one aspect where you can shine and showcase your creativity through the creation of your content. No one knows about your company than you, who started it all. Now, it should be your goal to let people know about your company through your content.

Content marketing employs storytelling meshed with information sharing to increase brand awareness. The ultimate goal is to have your readers take an action towards becoming your customer.

Content marketing is a great avenue to unleash your creative side whether they be in writing, photo, video, or audio production. But, as with digital marketing, apart from being creative, it also calls for a strong analytic and strategic skills.

2.    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You probably know by now that the goal of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to get a business to rank high in search engine results, particularly, Google. This is accomplished by SEO marketers by researching for words and phrases that consumers are using to search for information online and use these words and phrases in the creation of their own content.

3.    Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is another massive type of digital marketing. By using social media platforms, you can gain attention and web traffic through popular platforms such as: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, and Pinterest, among others.

Through social media, you can raise your business profile, advertise your brand, services, and products directly. Social media marketing is also a great way to reach and build relationships with prospective customers. You can publish relevant content to your target audience and have them engage and interact with it.

However, social media marketing is a lot more than simply managing social media accounts. It requires a creative blend of thinking and objective, and data-driven strategy.

4.    Email and Message Marketing

Regardless of the immense popularity of social media and other channels, email is still the granddaddy and among the most effective digital marketing techniques.

People are wary in sharing their contact information these days because of spamming. But a way to overcome this is by offering them something valuable in exchange, such as, but not limited to, free eBooks, downloadable guides, or other information.

5.    Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

In Affiliate marketing, you pay a partner, the affiliate, for referrals or traffic that generate sales. It is basically like hiring a salesperson to sell your products or services.

What the affiliate does is to place links or ads on their website that directly connect to your website’s product pages and earn a percentage of the sale amount as a commission.

6.    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine marketing (SEM) is a form of keyword-based advertising, wherein an advertiser pays to appear in search engine results or in ad slots on websites.

To feature in a search result page, an advertiser will pay for their ad to be displayed above, below, or alongside organic search results. In Google, ads are identified by a small “Ad” sign next to the advertiser’s landing page URL.

A highly skilled marketer can buy traffic at a relatively low cost by using techniques such as keyword selection and ad design. To pay for itself, you’d need a marketable product and an effective landing page that converts visits into sales.

Branded Marketing Message Creates More Sales Through Digital Marketing

In marketing and sales, trust is a very important factor to be earned from followers and customers. It’s a no-brainer that customers are more likely to purchase a product or obtain services if they trust the brand. It is also likely that these customers will recommend your brand to others.

For your brand to stand out, your brand marketing message should be clear and consistent on all marketing platforms, including digital marketing. Not only must your message be clear and consistent, but they should also align with other ads you have on different platforms.

Your aim should be to build credibility for your business, which will eventually help to generate an increase in sales. When a brand personalises the experience for their customers, they get to connect with the brand emotively. A strong brand message and identity increases customer loyalty, this in turn gives your business increased sales.

To Wrap it Up

Once you have created a strong marketing message, you can quickly determine if you need further improvement by testing it on your colleagues, company stakeholders, and your target audience. See if it produces the reactions and results that you want.

We at The Growth Manager can provide you with our Brand Message Mentoring Package to help and assist you in creating a strong marketing message. Start reaching your audience and create meaningful relationships with them, today.

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