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Mentor Deep Dive: Lead Magnet Optimisation

Oct 14, 2022 | Uncategorized


The Growth Manager is about helping small business owners realise their passion for growing their businesses. It is our vision to offer support for Australian business owners to stay focused on achieving their dreams by paying close attention to what matters most to successfully manage their growth and enjoy what they have built.

Our team at The Growth Manager, help empower our community by offering resources that will help in reaching successful goals, growth, and develop their business. To grow your business, we provide sales, digital marketing, and growth strategies to assist your business’s workflows, automation, and processes. We are committed to helping you recognise opportunities while ensuring your brand resonates with your target market.

The most important thing is to find what will propel your business forward, starting with

understanding the tricks of the trade that can help cement your brand within your industry. And to help you develop the ability to market effectively and target an audience, which is crucial to establishing an expansive customer base.

We are here to help businesses unlock their business potential.

Mentor Deep Dive: Lead Magnet Optimisation with Rare Birds and The Growth ManagerInspiring Rare Birds

Inspiring Rare Birds was founded by Jo Burston, one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Jo is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion and its impact on talent retention and business success.

It is Inspiring Rare Birds’ mission to empower women entrepreneurs and extended its mentoring program to corporate organisations to drive a greater impact from their diversity and inclusion strategies.

The work being done by Rare Birds helps transform businesses and individuals through diverse, quantifiable, and inclusive solutions, innovative practices, and overall commercial value. Rare Birds’ world-class and fully managed mentoring programs for small businesses and corporate organisations help to instil business confidence, entrepreneurial thinking, and leadership skills in emerging business leaders with high-impact diversity and inclusion strategies.

Another cornerstone of what Inspiring Rare Birds do is education. They provide practical workshops and masterclasses for people who are just starting and growing their businesses.

In line with their move towards education, they host intelligent and captivating events across Australia, including rural and regional hubs. They bring together the brightest and boldest minds in business, technology, entrepreneurship, and creative industries to inspire and educate both their mentors and mentees.

What is a Mentoring Deep Dive?

For any organisation, a manager’s most important job is to develop their people. A way to accomplish this is through mentoring, which cultivates positive culture and growth, and helps your team reach their potential.

It’s not uncommon for small or big businesses to face skill gaps, economic uncertainty, or even to boost initiatives. Effective mentoring is therefore vital.

A mentoring program allows a mentee to gain practical knowledge and insight from seasoned mentors who have achieved the level of expertise they aspire to attain. Mentoring programs also provide an opportunity for mentees to expand their repertoire of professional knowledge and skills through their instruction and facilitation of others.

What mentees learn in mentoring, offers a huge potential benefit for the organisation. What they learn in a mentoring deep dive opens the opportunity to further develop and then deploy the wealth of their new talents, skills, and knowledge throughout the company’s processes.

A mentoring deep dive works because we normally learn from closely observing successful and unsuccessful business models. Additionally, we respond well to positive reinforcement from great mentors. Furthermore, we learn from having ‘mastery experiences,’ which enhance our resolve and confidence when we master something difficult.

Learning is a lifelong process, a belief that we share with Rare Birds. Business workshops and masterclasses augment their mentoring programs and networking events. Their program caters to every stage of business development.

They also engage subject-matter experts and business leaders from around the world and within their community to deliver first-class content to help businesses build sustainable enterprises.

And as part of this noteworthy endeavour, we at The Growth Manager are partnering with Rare Birds to be a part of their mentoring program through an upcoming webinar. The Growth Manager will be a mentor for an important aspect of business, which is Lead Magnet Optimisation.

Webinar on Lead Magnet Optimisation

Leads are essential for any business since nurturing them provides a wide opportunity to convert these prospects into customers. But you need to build an extensive email list before you can have leads.

If you are in a bind with the online world of technology and looking for ways to attract more leads, close more deals and increase sales, then this webinar on Lead Magnet Optimisation is for you.

Powered by Inspiring Rare Birds, The Growth Manager’s founder and CEO Angie Martin will tackle Lead Magnet Optimisation to help you in streamlining, automating, and perfecting your lead generation activities in a special Mentor Deep dive session.

In this special mentoring session, Angie Martin and her team will cover the following topics:

  • What is Lead Generation?
  • What is a Lead Magnet?
  • What is Lead Magnet Optimisation?
  • Why is it Important?
  • Steps to Creating an Optimised Lead Magnet, and
  • Next Steps to Implement your Lead Magnets

It is important to have a great lead magnet but having one that’s optimised will surely help your customers get passed the introduction stage. This webinar is a great opportunity, and you should not miss out on it if you want to increase your reach and grow your business.

The Lead Magnet Optimisation webinar will be held on Friday, October 28, 2022, at 8:00 AM (Sydney). And the best part is, this webinar is FREE! Anyone with the event link can attend.

For interested parties, you may register by following this link: https://www.bigmarker.com/inspiring-rare-birds1/Lead-Magnet-Optimisation

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