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Feeling Tired and You Don’t Know Why?

Dec 19, 2022 | Uncategorized


Are you feeling tired most of the time? Feeling a lack of focus, no energy to do what is important to you, feeling like dragging your body to finish the task. 

Do you explore the reasons behind your experience of this awful feeling? 

Knowing the root cause is the first step towards your solution. Then, you can take the necessary action to improve your situation.

Let me show you how I turned my fatigue, and lack of focus mind to feeling energetic, able to give laser focus on the task and most important feeling great! 

Check out this Pop Quiz below to start your journey! 

Feeling tired most of the time? Do you know why?

Have you ever wondered why you feel tired most of the time?

Let’s have a pop quiz before we dig in. What are the factors that influence your fatigue or tiredness now? Give a tick at the box if you think this affects how you feel. The answer is just right below. Don’t peak. 

Your negative thoughts 

What you feed your body? 

What supplementation your body needs?  

What daily self-care product do you use? 

How do you move your body? 

How do you manage your stress? 

Your good night’s sleep 

How do you start and end your day?

Your relationship with others

All the above? 

Guest Blog by Joyce Wong: Feeling Tired and You Don’t Know Why?Haha. I know you peaked right here before you finish answering the questions.

Okay, let me tell you the answer here. If you think only a few of the above influence how you feel now, you’re not alone. Me too. I also have the same thought as you before. 

And the worse thing was I thought that feeling tired was something I need to bear due to my hectic schedule- working with endless projects one after another, taking care of my parents and family members, running in and out of hospitals due to family members, household chores… you name it. 

Until one day, I learned I don’t have to tolerate this. I don’t need coffee in the morning to make me feel alert. I can feel great and alive no matter how busy I am. Because energy is everything! 

Let me share with you why the answer for the above Pop Quiz is “all the above”. 

  1. If you constantly have negative thoughts in your mind, this will drain off your brain energy and make you feel tired and lack of energy. Your brain is the powerhouse for a lot of hormones and neurotransmitters to make you feel great. The fastest way to switch your negative thought to a positive thought is by the 5-second rule. I learned this from Mel Robbins, the author of the 5-second rules. Count 5-4-3-2-1, then switch your thought by asking the empowering question: What is my next best step in this situation? This can help you tremendously. Rather, continue to dwell on the negative thoughts, it brings you out from the negative state to the active state. 
  2. What you feed your body is so important when it comes to your energy. Eating too much carbohydrate-dense food such as bread, noodles, and rice doesn’t serve well for your energy. All these starchy food makes you feel even more tired. Getting the right source of food that is high in good quality protein, vitamins and minerals is the right way to boost your energy. 
  3. Even though with the balanced diet you intake every day, sometimes your body may need extra natural supplementation to help you to keep your body healthy, and boost your immune system especially taking care of your gut. Do you know your gut is your second brain? If you constantly feel tired, you may want to explore what are the right food and supplement to help you to take care of your gut health. 
  4. 95% of the substances that in contact with your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream. Do you know they are so many synthetic chemicals that are hidden inside your daily self-care products (shampoo, toothpaste, moisturizer, sunblock and many more) that are toxic to your body? One of the examples is when you see the word “Fragrance”, “Perfume” or “Parfum” on the label of the product, it contains at least 40-400 synthetic chemicals. Surprise? There are even more toxic chemicals that can surprise you. These toxic chemicals can cause you to feel tired. Read on. 
  5. When your body is loaded with toxic chemicals, your liver, kidney and lymphatic system need to do extra work to detoxify the toxic from your body. Lymphatic systems do not have a pump like your heart, you need to move your body to move the lymph fluids. The right way to do it is you just need 1 minute in the morning to do it. You can discover it later.
  6. Now, when comes to your stress, chronic stress can kill you. No joke. I mean it. I nearly died due to chronic stress of over 15 years. My experience with the tumour diagnosis was published in Thrive Global, a well-known international wellness platform “A tumour diagnosis that turn out to be the best thing that happened in my life”. Chronic stress can spike up your cortisol hormone and make you always in fight or flight mode. Your constant stress makes you fatigued and changes your eating habits. This is a vicious cycle. Managing your stress is the key. 
  7. Sleep is always my favourite topic. Do you know your brain function slows down by 30% when you sleep less than 90 minutes the previous night? Your reaction also slows down by 30%. These are all based on scientific research. Having a good night’s sleep is crucial to have a refreshed mind and aliveness the next day. Do you have a good night’s sleep? If you don’t, read on. 
  8. Discovering great ways how to wind down your day to set yourself up for a good sleep is beneficial. For example: avoiding the blue light emission from your electronic devices and avoiding caffeine intake 6 hours before your sleep is very helpful. Why 6 hours before your sleep? Check it out later. 
  9. Finally, your relationship with those around you is closely linked to how you feel. Do you feel energetic and excited when you go to meet up with your loved one or a gathering that you looking forward to? Poor relationships with people around you can definitely make you feel lonely and lack energy. You can always deepen your connection with others by genuinely connecting with them. There are tons of great tips to level up your connection with others. 

Because in wellness, there are holistic approaches. Your vibrant life is just a click away at https://www.joyce-wong.com/wellnessmasterclass. You can access it anywhere, anytime at your own pace. Like it? That’s more!  You’ll be granted one year of free membership in my Wellness Inner Circle and one hour of 1-1 coaching session with me. 

You deserve to feel great and live a vibrant life. See you there! 

Disclaimer: This article was written by our Guest Blogger Joyce Wong from Star Dynamics. As The Growth Manager is not a health and wellness representative or has authority in this manner, please direct all health questions to the author: joycewongjinyi@yahoo.com.

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