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More people today are looking at starting their own businesses. For some, they jump at the opportunity by introducing a new product or providing a service and leap into action.

For others, they seize the opportunity to explore new adventures by monetising their hobbies or creating a sideline to keep themselves busy and active while earning income on the side. Regardless of your intent, for your business to succeed, it needs planning and resources to fuel your business’s drive towards a successful future with the help of a business mentor and coach.

However, out of the hundreds of businesses that are started every year, many of them never really take off. Many do take off like spectacular rockets but ultimately fail as quickly. The range of options along with challenges that young business founders face is vast, including not knowing what directions to take and/or what organisational capabilities they would like to develop.

With an empowered mission to help young businesses achieve growth and success, and give business founders peace of mind, Angie Martin founded and established The Growth Manager to share and impart her expertise in running a business. Her passion is to share and teach fellow entrepreneurs the strategies, which stems from her years of experience starting from creating her first business at age 12.

At The Growth Manager, it is our mission to assist Australian businesses in achieving success and positively impact our community, by helping small business owners and entrepreneurs reach their goals and likewise impact their communities.

We also take it as part of our mission to reignite the passion of existing business owners and help them be conscious of their own inspiring and creative qualities. In addition, we help them reassess and create an effective marketing message that will resonate with their target customers.

The Growth Manager Best Business Growth Blog for 2023 - voted by FeedSpot 2

Best Business Growth Blog for 2023.

The Growth Manager is more than thrilled to be among the 45 Best Business Growth Blogs and Websites by FeedSpot for 2023. This is a big honour for us to be chosen as part of the top 45 after being curated from over 250,000 popular blogs and categorised from more than 5,000 niche categories and industries.

With literally millions of blogs online, it is a hard challenge for FeedSpot to find the most influential, authoritative, and trustworthy bloggers in a niche industry.

What does this Recognition Means to our Brand?

Being chosen among the Best Business Growth Blog for 2023 is a testament that we are headed in the right direction. What we do is an affirmation of why The Growth Manager was put up in the first place.

Getting featured in this list empowers The Growth Manager and our team to continue expanding our community even further, better the work we are doing, and further communicate our business mission.

It strengthens our resolve to continue striving to help and offer support to Australian business owners to build the businesses of their dreams. Additionally, this reinforces our voice and communicates our mission to business owners to focus on what matters most to achieve their goals.

Helping our clients succeed with their growth, allows them to shift their focus back to reawaken their passion for why they put up their business in the first place and enjoy the fruits of what they have built. Being a part of our customer’s success is a reward in itself for us at The Growth Manager.

We couldn’t be more thrilled about this!

Succeeding in Today’s Business Environment

For a business to succeed in today’s environment, it needs to have good planning, organisational skills, and it has to be flexible. To many people, they think that all it takes for them to start a business is for them to turn on their computers or simply open the doors with the hope that money will start pouring in. It sounds ideal, however, it’s not that simple.

Taking your time and planning out all the necessary steps can help a lot to avoid pitfalls and help you achieve success. The Growth Manager’s mission is empowering our clients by imparting our knowledge in sales mentoring and working with them to develop sales strategies and involves their communities as they grow their businesses.

However, passionate as you are as a business owner, the climb to success would be hard without a clear focus and a plan to achieve your goals. That’s what we do by working with you, setting realistic targets for your business to work towards.

As an entrepreneur, before you set goals for your business, we sit with you and discuss your personal goals. We encourage you to periodically assess and ask yourselves if your goals have changed.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners we work with say that they started their businesses to gain independence and control their futures. Noble, however, these goals are not clear. Through discussion, we will help you narrow down your focus and identify specific goals.

For example, you may want an outlet to experiment with new technology, an outlet for artistic talent, a flexible lifestyle that comes from enjoying rapid business growth, or perhaps building an institution that holds deep values.

When business owners can figure out what they themselves want in their business, it makes more sense to ask and answer the following questions:

What kind of business do I need to build and run?

The sustainability of a business is of no concern to entrepreneurs looking only for quick profits or those who are only interested in generating enough cash flow to maintain a certain way of life.

Sustainability and support are more important for owners who want a company that can adapt itself through time, generation of technology, employees and customers.

What’s Your Story?

Every company has their own story, and narratives do offer a powerful opportunity for differentiation. A business’s history helps overcome the fear of things such as facing increasing competition and constant and unyielding change.

It’s unfortunate that only a few companies are good at crafting a compelling and inspiring, customer-focused narrative. A narrative is not just a story, so how do you define your narrative?

Stories are self-contained with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Narratives in contrast are open-ended. A narrative’s resolution depends on the choices and actions of everyone involved, making it a potentially powerful call-to-action.

A compelling narrative should centre around your deep understanding of your customers and how their needs keep evolving, along with exploring opportunities that would excite and inspire them.

It is important to establish the values you and your business will live by during the planning process. For example, what quality, ethical, and service standards will you adopt for your business? These are of particular interest and consideration for a lot of people.

Knowing what your business stands for helps you in determining who your business is for. This can give you a competitive advantage, enabling you to differentiate your business and create something distinctive.

Apple did this quite well in the 1990s when Apple marketers condensed Steve Jobs’ articulated narrative into a slogan, “Think different.” Apple’s narrative suggested that new technologies would enable their users to express their unique potential and personality. And to harness its full potential, we needed to think differently.

Can my strategy generate sufficient profits and growth?

Every business owner setting meaningful goals must reconcile what they want with what they are willing to risk. If a strategy doesn’t provide a clear direction, it can ultimately lead to failure.

Entrepreneurs who are stuck in ventures that are not so profitable or not growing satisfactorily should reassess their strategies and must take radical action. A company’s strategy must embody the founder’s vision and focus on where the company’s going, and not remain stuck to where it currently is.

For a strategy to be useful, it should be concise and be easily understood by key constituents such as your investors, employees, and customers.

Another point to consider in the implementation of a successful strategy is to tackle the obstacle of hiring talented employees. We understand that at the beginning, founders perform most of the crucial tasks themselves and only recruit whomever they can to help out.

This doesn’t just apply to big businesses. Even small business or solo entrepreneurs can benefit from a well-defined strategy, which our experts at The Growth Manager can help you with.

In Conclusion.

At The Growth Manager, we hope that being recognised as one of the “Top 45 Business Growth Blogs” can act as a springboard for us to reach more companies and business owners. It is also important to us that our local businesses provide ongoing support for the development and growth of their businesses.

We thank this opportunity to thank FeedSpot and their expert editorial team who reviewed our blogs and added us to their relevant category list.

If you’re looking for help in growing your business, The Growth Manager can help you with our Business Development Program. Our tried and tested growth strategies outline the steps you can take to achieve business growth.

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