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Nov 10, 2022 | Uncategorized


The Growth Manager has been established by our founder, Angie Martin, with an empowered mission to impart her expertise to assist Australian businesses in achieving growth, success, and peace of mind.

Her passion as a businesswoman, digital marketer, and business development manager comes from years of experience starting from creating her first business at the age of 12. This ignited her passion to share her years of experience and teach fellow entrepreneurs strategies.

Our number one priority as a mentoring-based business is to ensure the growth of your business while reigniting your passion to achieve your goals. It is our goal at The Growth Manager to help you recognise your own creative and inspiring qualities, and then create a marketing message that will resonate with your ideal clients.

You can build processes that will help your business to achieve its goals by utilising our mentoring packages, online programs, and downloadable templates.

Australian Made Awards’ Most Passionate Business Mentoring Company for 2022Most Passionate Business Mentoring Company, 2022.

The Growth Manager is thrilled to be chosen as the Most Passionate Business Mentoring Company for 2022 by APAC Insider’s Australian Made Awards. We are deeply honoured by this award, being recognised and nominated alone is already a win for us at The Growth Manager.

Our win not only adds a feather to our cap, but it also fuels our team’s passion, serving as our empowered beacon to continue helping our community of Australian businesses towards success. Additionally, guiding them towards the right path, which in turn impacts our community.

Furthermore, this win also enhances our zeal in continuing our efforts to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving their goals that likewise impacts their respective communities.

The award presents a deeper significance since we were nominated by our peers, which makes our win all the more fantastic!

What does this Award mean for our Brand?

Being named Most Passionate Business Mentoring Company for 2022 affirms that our passion, why The Growth Manager was put up in the first place, is in the right direction. Being chosen by our peers to win both humbles us and enhances our empowerment to expand our community further and continue promoting our work.

It enhances our voice to resound and communicate our business mission in supporting Australian business owners to stay focused on what matters most for them to achieve their goals. Additionally, it strengthens our resolve that remain committed to assisting our clients to build the business of their dreams.

To help them successfully manage their growth, and ultimately allow them to step back from their business and enjoy the fruits of what they have built.

Seeing our clients succeed is a reward in itself for us at The Growth Manager, which enhances our win as The Most Passionate Business Mentoring Company.

What’s Next for The Growth Manager?

It has been the mantra and constant goal of The Growth Manager to be a distinct, inspiring, and trusted business development growth brand. As such, we will continue to reignite our client’s passion and be a source of inspiration for our clients and partners in growing their businesses.

We will continue to be our clients’ support system by helping them reach their goals by providing structured programs and developing their sales strategies. We love to guide our clients in their pursuit of digital marketing opportunities and ensure that their messaging resonates with their ideal clients by tapping into their creativity to strengthen their branding message.

The Australian Made Awards 2022

AI Global Media’s APAC Insider magazine and website focus exclusively on business in the Asia Pacific region. The topics they cover range from business strategy, to analysis, to emerging trends, to growth opportunities. Toyota and Samsung are among the internationally recognised brands they focus on.

There are more than 160,000 business leaders and decision-makers who subscribe to APAC Insider, which is an invaluable resource for businesses. In addition, APAC Insider honours a variety of manufacturers, suppliers, and creative makers. Their award portfolio includes the Australian Made Awards, a new edition for this year.

These awards recognise the hard work of Australian businesses that contribute to the continued growth of Australian businesses through innovation, customer service, and continued growth. Additionally, to see how their businesses improve and their performance alongside their competitors.

It is our hope at The Growth Manager that winning the “Most Passionate Business Mentoring Company” award can serve as a springboard for us to be able to reach more businesses and business owners. It is also significant for us that our community-based business provides ongoing developmental support and business growth.

The Growth Manager takes this opportunity to thank APAC Insider and the Australian Made Awards and our peers in the Australian business industry who wholeheartedly nominated us for this prestigious award. We are thrilled and deeply honoured by this win!

If you are looking for help in expanding your business, The Growth Manager can help you out with our Business Development Program. Our tried and tested growth strategies outline the next steps you should take to achieve business growth.

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