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10 Benefits from Using Email Templates

Aug 11, 2022 | Uncategorized


Design can make or break your relationship with your customers when it comes to email marketing. People would rather read something that is beautifully designed as opposed to something that is plain. Up to 80% of email recipients will delete an email immediately if the said email does not look good on their mobile device. OUCH!

On the flip side, well-designed emails elevate subscriber engagement. They produce higher click-through rates and increased sales. However, creating compelling email content is quite challenging.

Factor in the challenge of designing an email when time and resources are running short, and/or if you’ve got a big project on your hands. Or you currently have too many things on your plate that requires your close attention.

This is where email templates come in quite handy.

10 Benefits from Using Email TemplatesWhat is an Email Template?

An email template is a pre-written or a preformatted email that is used that you can use to replace with your own content, making it faster to create and write emails with ease.

An email template is a hypertext mark-up language (HTML) file that is composed of reusable code modules. As mentioned above, it makes it easy to replace content by copying and pasting your copy, links, and image URLs, even cascading style sheets (CSS) to create an email.

The HTML file in an email template is the code that defines the structure and content in an email, letting you style the email to better reflect your company or your personal style.

The feature that best defines a template is its reusability. Email templates can be reused across multiple campaigns, making it distinct from one-off emails.

The Benefits of Email Templates

There are several reasons why it is beneficial for you to start using email templates.

Saves Time

One benefit that email templates provide is that it gives you and your team the gift of time. It helps in producing campaigns faster and more efficiently, this is made possible since the underlying code is already written.

Up to 63% of marketers usually spend at least a couple of hours per campaign to come up with content and design. However, it requires more time than that on complex campaigns requiring testing and approval from multiple sources.

With an email template, it efficiently lets you plug your content into an existing template, allowing you to save time from designing new templates for every new campaign. The benefit of this is that it provides your team to spend more time in creating content and less time on tedious design work.

Streamlines Document + Admin Management

Email templates make it easier to manage documents more efficient, and more convenient. It is common practice that businesses store volumes of documents and get back to them when the need arises.

With email templates, all outlines can be stored in a singular location, making it easy for your marketers and other employees to select the appropriate file for their tasks, this streamlines the process adding to efficiency.

To demonstrate, if a member of your sales team needs to nurture a lead, all he/she has to do is to locate the file from a predesignated location and select the appropriate template. Another team member then chooses the right outline for meeting reminders, and so on.

Improves Admin Response Times

In the business world, it is critical to respond to communication as fast as possible. It is the norm that when customers send an email, they expect a speedy response. The longer you make them wait, the possibility exists that they will gravitate and look somewhere else.

Email templates help in curbing this by reducing wait times between receiving and responding to emails. Without email templates, employees may be constrained to respond to queries. Though their inboxes are full, and other tasks require their attention, they may put off spending time composing an email.

With an email template, all they will need to do is load the email and add a personalised response, making it possible to immediately respond to the email within the same day they received them.

Reduces Workplace Stress

An employee sent and received an average of 122 emails per day back in 2015. Checking the latest average, the figure remains pretty much the same in 2022. The average is 40 emails per day per person for business purposes.

This figure shows that email continues to rule in the world of business. A survey says that most employees can only handle up to 50 emails per day, anything above that figure can already cause stress for the employee.

Email templates greatly simplifies the flow of inbox management. It simplifies the process of labouring over what to say in each email, so they can respond quicker without added stress. Firing off messages quickly improves efficiency and ups productivity for employees.

Ensures Brand and Marketing Message Consistency

In business, your brand reputation is of prime importance. Email templates protect your brand reputation by keeping all your emails error-free and remain on-brand.

Creating an email from scratch and rewriting code, every time, is not only time-consuming but is prone to errors, going off-brand, or even the chances of sending the wrong email to the wrong recipient. This can lead to broken emails and a bad experience for your customers, and make your brand appear unprofessional and inconsistent.

Maintaining brand consistency is prime if you don’t want to lose revenue. Brand consistency across channels increases revenue by 23%.

With email templates, there will be fewer chances of any mistakes from occurring. It makes it simple for your employees to respond to the same customers, ensuring that your brand messaging to remain consistent.

Reduces Human Error

We humans are prone to errors, and it is of vital concern for all companies. Grammatical and spelling errors reflects poorly on the company and can cause harm to the companies’ reputation and perceived as less credible and reliable.

Email templates reduce the chances of any human error, reduces the amount of information an employee must put in an email and lessens the chances of committing errors. This is critical if you want to always be at your best with every email message your company sends out.

Improves Consumer Satisfaction

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without customers, any business will close shop within a short span of time once their capitalisation runs out. It is therefore of prime importance to provide customer satisfaction with your products and services,

Email templates ensure that any information is delivered uniformly and professionally while improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, templates contain pertinent information stored in the same location, such as your contact details. This makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Customer satisfaction increases when you stay on message and keeping information organised and easy to find.

Stronger Consumer Relationships

A customer who writes to you inquiring about your products or services shows interest in your business. This includes customers bombarding your emails team with a list of complaints. These are valuable gifts since they are giving you genuine feedback that highlights what needs to be fixed.

It is therefore highly important to respond to all emails, both positive and negative, to bringing these issues to your notice. Responding immediately builds stronger consumer relationships by showing them that you care in addressing their concerns.

A simple thanks will make them feel valued, and you can then help them understand that their genuine feedback is appreciated.

Increases Conversion Rates

Email marketing is a proven successful strategy. When done correctly, it can potentially bring in for the business the highest Return on Investment (ROI) relative to other marketing channels. Email marketing can offer as much as 30 times your initial investment.

But we must emphasise that such ROI is only achievable if you get your email marketing right. As a tool, email is generally an efficient, effective, and an inexpensive form of marketing.

In view of this, emails still dominate in driving customer acquisition, with 81% of small to mid-sized businesses relying on email as their main customer acquisition channel.

Simplifies Your Administration Needs

Email templates can be easily adopted by businesses of all sizes. By creating outlines for different needs, it can be accessed easily once these templates are stored on the cloud. These gives your marketers in various locations to access these outlines.

The beauty is your people will be able to access thesis templates even when they are out of the office or even on vacation. Without email templates, it may be necessary that all employees understand your set formatting.

In the absence of email templates, if everyone on your team is not up to speed, it would require that more experienced team members be forced to step in and aid.

Email templates ensure that your company remains well-oiled and running, even if senior employees are in disposed. It ensures that anyone in the office can use the templates with ease, allowing for your best employees to spend time away without worry.

To Wrap Up

Ultimately, it would be up to you if you want to start using email templates for your business. But with some benefits cited above, it would be beneficial for you to implement using them in achieving your business goals.

It does not matter what type of email template you choose, email templates will boost the process of any content you want to deliver. We, at The Growth Manager, are your partners in providing support for your business with our growth templates, so you will be able to streamline your business process, today.

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