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Legal Health Check

Do you if you’re covered for a legal mishap?

Are you constantly worried your contracts aren’t covering your business’s interests?

Well, you are NOT alone!

So many business owners have a constant looming cloud over their heads worrying what the what ifs and worse case scenarios when it comes to contracts and legal documents.

We don’t blame you; legal jargon can give anyone a head ache and who wants to spend hours researching regulations and legal terminology? Especially when you can be using your time growing your business.

Thankfully, Heidi from Law by Design has come to our rescue and created a Guest Resource for The Growth Manager’s community! Download this incredible Legal Health Check to see how your business shapes up in the eyes of the law to help you finally clear out those dark clouds and put your mind at ease.

Disclaimer: This article was written by our Guest Blogger Heidi Warren from Law by Design. As The Growth Manager is not a legal representative or have authority in this manner, please direct all legal questions to the author: heidi@lawbydesign.com.au

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